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The appearance of furniture dates back to the time of the Neolithic revolution — the transition of primitive communities to settlement. Furniture developed faster among those tribes that, due to climatic conditions, needed more enclosed spaces. The most important prerequisite for the development of furniture was also the availability of affordable material with the necessary strength, relatively low weight, malleability to processing. Initially, those pieces of material that came closest to the required shape of the product or part were chosen for furniture. With the development of woodworking technologies, changes in the socio-economic system and everyday life, new types of furniture appeared and developed.

The development of furniture is also closely related to the development of artistic styles. Individual styles generated not only special types and designs of furniture, but also new ideas about its compositional patterns. In addition, the national traditions of everyday life and art in general had a noticeable influence on the decorative, and partly compositional, features of furniture.


If we just need comfort and coziness, then we should pay more attention to the selection of upholstered furniture, colors and harmony of combinations of various elements, material safety, functionality and spaciousness of shelves, tables, cabinets and the overall design style, which will create and maintain an atmosphere of comfort, peace and quality rest.

For a better understanding of what kind of furniture we need, consider the different categories when choosing it.

About the company

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We wanted it to be easy to choose furniture for the house at the lowest possible price. Not necessarily cheap furniture, no, a large assortment of goods of various categories at the lowest possible price.

We are constantly working to reduce costs in the chain from the purchase of materials for production, to the delivery of goods to your home, in the shortest possible time.

Every day our team works to make it easier for you to find a suitable product, we are working on recommendation mechanisms, on expanding the assortment.

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